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What is a Eugeroic? Can it wake us up?


Our wakefulness can be enhanced
Our wakefulness can be enhanced

A eugeroic is a drug that acts as as a wakefulness enhancer. Wakefulness enhancers make it possible to stay up longer while temporary avoiding the psychotic side effects of sleep deprivation. Eugeroic means “causing good wakefulness and arousal”. Eugeroics act differently than stimulants in that stimulants tend  to cause alertness, focus, and motivation; while eugeroics cause wakefulness and can restore restfulness (especially in sleep deprived people). Eugeroics tend to be much subtler, though they will keep you awake for hours until they wear off.  Eugeroics will  leave you feeling oddly well rested. Eugeroics are often taken after not sleeping enough or after long periods of awakenment. They can also be used when tired to combat sleepiness and stay awake for hours. Eugeroics are not a sleep replacement, but an answer to a lack of proper sleep. Eugeroics make it easy to stay awake during boring work or boring classes and may also mildly increase smooth energy, confidence, alertness, and motivation.

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