What Happens When You Take Modafinil?

In this recent article for The Daily Beast, editor of the Boston alt-weekly newspaper DigBoston- Dan McCarthy writes about his positive experience taking Modafinil for 10 days.

“Within about 20 minutes, and after a cup of coffee, I could feel it. A coursing through my veins, like my blood was pumping at full blast, but being kept under control by some external monitoring force. Throughout the day, I found myself picking up conversational cues in the Spanish being spoken around me—I speak very little of it—and sort of felt like my eyesight had gotten one of those rear-view mirror side extenders you see in cabs and on the Buicks of the elderly. Nothing overwhelming, just… there. In every way.

I’ve taken my fair share of ADHD drugs in my time—all unprescribed—so I know when I get that pop of synthetic clarity. This was akin to that, but more calm and natural—something like a cross between a blast of fresh oxygen to my brain and a deep-focus cinema camera movement. And it lasted for roughly six hours from start to finish.” 

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