CEO brand armo capsules

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Our 150 mg capsules of armo are sourced directly from a leading Chinese manufacturer of pharmaceutical and nutritional health supplements with more than 20 years experience. COA quality test available. Capsulated at certified north american facility. Mailed in gold mylar stand-up resealable bags within discrete padded flat document envelopes.

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High quality, pharmaceutical quality armo powder. More reliable than the common brands. Although they may not be as strong as the strongest Indian brands, they are cleaner, more clear and “brighter”. They are comparable to ¬†typical north-American RX prescription strength. These are vegan capsules with 150 mg armo and about the same amount of microcrystalline cellulose, an inert excipient as a stabilizing and suspending agent which helps accurately measure the dosage.

We provide a certificate of authenticity COA safety test included. It is the best quality and most reliable product we can source. We fully stand by our house brand armo, as it is tested and consistent in quality. And we may offer refunds or replacement on this product if it is found to be inconsistent or ineffective.

These are our “gold bars” of armo. This is exactly how they are mailed: In gold mylar stand-up resealable bags within discrete padded flat document envelopes.


The advantage of our service versus ordering from vendors in India:

  • these packages have no customs delays or seizures
  • shipments typically arrive in 3 business days for Canada, 5-7 days USA or 10-12 days for Europe
  • discrete small package looks like letter or document
  • great tracking system (North America); no signature required
  • 100% successful delivery rate, guaranteed