Armodafinil? What is Armodafinil? What does it do? Who uses it?

Armodafinil promotes a smooth and natural sense of heightened wakefulness. It enhances focus in the user. It improves vigilance and productivity.  It is the improved form of Modafinil.
Used by professionals who work long hours and get by on less sleep, it has been determined by scientists to be far safer than other ‘smart drugs’. It lacks the undesirable side effects of stimulants, is much less toxic and non-addictive.
Typical users of this product include University students, computer programmers, gamers, CEO’s, air traffic controllers, military pilots and astronauts.
Armodafinil is derived from the most effective part of the popular wakefulness enhancer Modafinil. So it has more of the positive traits of Modafinil, with less of the non-effective aspects.
While this agent is available with and without a prescription. Originally it was used to treat excessive daytime sleepiness, jet-lag and shift work disorder. Today it is commonly used to improve focus and attention over long work periods without affecting sleep cycle architecture. This means that after you take it, you can still get to sleep and wake up normally, without feeling groggy or needing to take it again. Armodafinil lasts about 8 hours and wears off by about 12 hours after ingestion.
Known by the trade name Provigil (Cephalon Corp.) and Waklert (Sun Pharma). Cephalon hold the patent, while Sun Pharma makes the best and most popular generic form for a fraction of the price.